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In today's hyper-competitive and constantly evolving business environments, leveraging technology to constantly innovate is no longer an has become a business imperative.

Your Trusted Technology Partner


Solutions Architecture

Realizing your visions and exploring "what-if" scenarios with a partner and subject-matter-expert like Omni3 means that you can focus on your business needs and what you do best. Let Omni3's experts work with your business to bring the technological expertise to turn your ideas into a a sustainable and high-performance solution.


As your partner in delivering Microservices oriented solutions, Omni3's experience with not only Microservices, but Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and event driven solutions, will guide you along that razor's edge that will deliver success.

Agile Project Frameworks

As with all things, practice and experience help perfect theory and hopes. Over the past 15 years of employing Agile methodologies in a myriad of projects, solutions, and for application development, Omni has developed a lean framework for turning the vision of Agile into a reality for our programs.

Application Development

Combinging a unique agile methodology framework that provides transparency and consistent velocity for deliverables, Omni3 engineers also bring a wealth of experience in a multitiude of languages, whether your needs range from C# to Java....from Ruby to C...Omni3 isn't going to limit your toolset, just partner with you to deliver the best possible application given the toolset you have chose

Data Architecture

Let Omni3 partner with you to put together a data architecure that addresses how to store, use and manage the entirety of your data holdings...from your dirtiest unstructured data to the most pritstine, high speed, structured transactions.

Communications Architecture

Increasing demand for new applications and services, continuous technology innovation, and rapidly changing economics are motivating the creation of a fundamentally new architecture for 21 stcentury digital communications across the entire communications infrastructure.


API First Connectivity and Integration

The team at Omni3 works with our customers to realize the benefits of an API First connectivity approach to integration. By helping you identify, architect, implement and maintain your system, process and experience API’s you will unlock the data in your systems of record while maintaining their integrity. This gives your business the same kind of flexibility a greenfield startup enjoys to build out the next generation of applications.

Site Reliability Engineering

Modern IT organizations are tearing down the traditional walls between developers and operations. Cloud Native Applications demand modern operational approaches which encompass build automation, continuous integration, continuous deployment, monitoring, traceability, fault tolerance and performance optimization.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

The Omni3 team excels at working with our customers to transform their data into business insights that can help you improve the way you do business and deliver your products and services to your customers.